Monsel's Solution
Title: Monsel's Solution
CAS Registry Number: 1310-45-8
Additional Names: Ferric subsulfate solution
Literature References: First described in 1856 by L. Monsel. Prepd by oxidizing ferrous sulfate with nitric acid in the presence of sulfuric acid. Prepn: W. Procter, Jr., Am. J. Pharm. 31, 403 (1859). Review of chemistry and mechanism of action: E. Epstein, H. I. Maibach, Arch. Dermatol. 90, 226-228 (1964); of hemostatic applications: A. B. Jetmore et al., Dis. Colon Rectum 36, 866-867 (1993); of history: A. P. Garrett et al., J. Lower Genital Tract Dis. 6, 225-227 (2002).
Properties: Reddish-brown liquid. Almost odorless; strongly astringent taste. May be dried at >95°F to produce brilliant red scales. Sol in water, alcohol. Acid to litmus. d25 1.548.
Density: d25 1.548
Therap-Cat: Hemostatic.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Hemostatic, astringent.
Keywords: Hemostatic.

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