Nylon 46
Title: Nylon 46
CAS Registry Number: 50327-22-5
CAS Name: Poly[imino-1,4-butanediylimino(1,6-dioxo-1,6-hexanediyl)]
Additional Names: poly(tetramethyleneadipamide)
Trademarks: Stanyl (DSM)
Literature References: Symmetrical polyamide with higher melting point and greater tensile strength than nylon 66 or nylon 6, q.v. Prepn from 1,4-diaminobutane and adipic acid: W. H. Carothers, US 2130948 (1938 to Du Pont). Improved process: E. H. J. P. Bour, J. M. M. Warnier, EP 77106 corresp to US 4463166 (1983, 1984 both to Stamicarbon). Account of prepn by melt polymerization, physical properties: R. J. Gaymans et al., J. Polym. Sci. Polym. Chem. Ed. 15, 537 (1977). Brief account: D. O'Sullivan, Chem. Eng. News 62, 33 (May 21, 1984).
Properties: Clear polymer, mol wt 22,000-45,000. mp 283-319°. d 1.20 (solution-cast film). Insol in most solvents. Sol in formic acid. Slightly sol in trifluoroacetic acid.
Melting point: mp 283-319°
Density: d 1.20 (solution-cast film)
Use: Industrial fiber; fiber-reinforced rubber products.

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