Potassium Bisulfate
Title: Potassium Bisulfate
CAS Registry Number: 7646-93-7
Additional Names: Potassium acid sulfate; potassium hydrogen sulfate; sal enixum
Molecular Formula: HKO4S
Molecular Weight: 136.17
Percent Composition: H 0.74%, K 28.71%, O 47.00%, S 23.55%
Line Formula: KHSO4
Properties: White, deliquesc crystals, pieces, or granules. d 2.24. mp 197°; at higher temp loses water and is converted into pyrosulfate. Sol in 1.8 parts water, 0.85 part boiling water. Keep well closed.
Melting point: mp 197°
Density: d 2.24
Use: As flux in analysis of ores and siliceous compds.
Therap-Cat: Cathartic.
Keywords: Laxative/Cathartic.

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