Strontium Bromide
Title: Strontium Bromide
CAS Registry Number: 10476-81-0
Molecular Formula: Br2Sr
Molecular Weight: 247.43
Percent Composition: Br 64.59%, Sr 35.41%
Line Formula: SrBr2
Literature References: Acute toxicity: K. W. Cochran et al., Arch. Ind. Hyg. Occup. Med. 1, 637 (1950).
Derivative Type: Hexahydrate
Properties: Colorless, deliquesc crystals or white granules; bitter saline taste. mp 88° when rapidly heated; mp 643° when anhydr. Loses all its water at 180°. Sol in 0.35 part water; sol in alcohol. Insol in ether. The aq soln is neutral. Incompat: Soluble sulfates. LD50 i.p. in rats: 1000 mg/kg (Cochran).
Melting point: mp 88° when rapidly heated; mp 643° when anhydr
Toxicity data: LD50 i.p. in rats: 1000 mg/kg (Cochran)
Therap-Cat: Has been used as anticonvulsant.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Has been used as sedative, anticonvulsant.
Keywords: Anticonvulsant.

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