Title: Thiazole
CAS Registry Number: 288-47-1
Molecular Formula: C3H3NS
Molecular Weight: 85.13
Percent Composition: C 42.33%, H 3.55%, N 16.45%, S 37.67%
Literature References: First described as the pyridine of the thiophene series: A. Hantzsch, J. Weber, Ber. 20, 3118 (1887); A. Hantzsch, Ann. 249, 1 (1888). Book: The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds vol. 34, A. Weissberger, E. C. Taylor, Eds. (New York, Wiley, 1979).
Properties: Colorless or pale yellow liquid. Characteristic foul odor; d17 ~1.20; bp 115-118°. Slightly sol in water; sol in many organic solvents. Forms compds with auric, mercuric, and platinic chlorides.
Boiling point: bp 115-118°
Density: d17 ~1.20

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