Title: Valacidin
CAS Registry Number: 53762-92-8
Literature References: Proposed C26H24N4O8. Antibiotic substance produced by a Streptomyces (NRRL 2675) similar to S. lavendulae: Bromer, McGuire, US 2970943 (1961 to Lilly).
Properties: Reddish-brown solid. pKa¢ 7.0. uv max (methanol): 375, 294, 246 nm (e 16800, 27100, 40400). Sol in alkaline aq solns and in most polar solvents. Slightly sol in lower alcohols. Substantially insol in most nonpolar organic solvents and in aq acid solns. Stable in aq solns up to pH 9.0.
pKa: pKa¢ 7.0
Absorption maximum: uv max (methanol): 375, 294, 246 nm (e 16800, 27100, 40400)
Use: Preserving agent. In embalming fluids (compatible with formaldehyde). To preserve biological specimens.
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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