Title: Sulfisomidine
CAS Registry Number: 515-64-0
CAS Name: 4-Amino-N-(2,6-dimethyl-4-pyrimidinyl)benzenesulfonamide
Additional Names: N1-(2,6-dimethyl-4-pyrimidinyl)sulfanilamide; 2,6-dimethyl-4-sulfanilamidopyrimidine; 6-sulfanilamido-2,4-dimethylpyrimidine; 6-(sulfanilamido)-2,4-dimethyl-1,3-diazine; 6-(p-aminophenylsulfonamido)-2,4-dimethylpyrimidine; 6-(p-aminobenzenesulfonyl)amino-2,4-dimethylpyrimidine; sulfadimetine; sulfaisodimidine; sulphasomidine
Trademarks: Elkosin (Novartis); Elcosine; Elkosil; Domain; Aristamid (Nordmark)
Molecular Formula: C12H14N4O2S
Molecular Weight: 278.33
Percent Composition: C 51.78%, H 5.07%, N 20.13%, O 11.50%, S 11.52%
Literature References: Prepn: FR 886009 (1943 to Nordmark); Gysin, US 2351333 (1944 to Geigy); Hartmann et al., US 2386852; US 2429184 (1945, 1947, both to Ciba); Matsukawa et al., J. Pharm. Soc. Jpn. 70, 283 (1950); Loop, Lührs, Ann. 580, 225 (1953).
Properties: Needles from ethanol, mp 243°. Soly in water at 15°: 0.12 g/100 ml, at 30°: 0.30 g/100 ml. More sol in hot water (about 1:60). Aq solns are neutral to litmus. Soly in urine at 37°: 360 mg/100 ml at pH 5.5 to 1100 mg/100 ml at pH 7.5. Slightly sol in alcohol, acetone. Practically insol in benzene, ether, chloroform. Freely sol in dil HCl and NaOH. Compared with sulfanilamide it is but slightly acetylated in the body. Do not confuse with sulfamethazine.
Melting point: mp 243°
Therap-Cat: Antibacterial.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Antimicrobial.
Keywords: Antibacterial (Synthetic); Sulfonamides.

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