Title: Zaltoprofen
CAS Registry Number: 74711-43-6
CAS Name: 10,11-Dihydro-a-methyl-10-oxodibenzo[b,f]thiepin-2-acetic acid
Additional Names: 2-(10,11-dihydro-10-oxodibenzo[b,f]thiepin-2-yl)propionic acid
Manufacturers' Codes: CN-100
Trademarks: Soreton (Nippon Chemiphar); Peon (Zeria)
Molecular Formula: C17H14O3S
Molecular Weight: 298.36
Percent Composition: C 68.43%, H 4.73%, O 16.09%, S 10.75%
Literature References: Anti-inflammatory activity resides in (S)-enantiomer. Prepn: Y. Fujimoto, S. Yamabe, DE 2941869; eidem, US 4247706 (1980, 1981 both to Nippon Chemiphar). Series of articles on pharmacology: Arzneim.-Forsch. 36, 1796-1822 (1986). Resolution of racemate: M. Yamamoto et al., Chirality 2, 280 (1990). HPLC determn in human plasma and urine; pharmacokinetics: J. Oshima et al., J. Chromatogr. 414, 381 (1987).
Properties: Pale yellow crystals from benzene/n-hexane, mp 130.5-131.5°; also reported as mp 131-133°. Tasteless, odorless. Freely sol in acetone, chloroform; sol in methanol; slightly sol in ethanol, benzene. Practically insol in water, cyclohexane.
Melting point: mp 130.5-131.5°; mp 131-133°
Derivative Type: (S)-form
CAS Registry Number: 89482-01-9
Properties: Crystals from ethylendichloride, mp 129.5-131°. [a]D25 +32.4° (c = 1 in CHCl3).
Melting point: mp 129.5-131°
Optical Rotation: [a]D25 +32.4° (c = 1 in CHCl3)
Therap-Cat: Anti-inflammatory.
Keywords: Anti-inflammatory (Nonsteroidal); Arylpropionic Acid Derivatives.

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