Zinc Bromide
Title: Zinc Bromide
CAS Registry Number: 7699-45-8
Molecular Formula: Br2Zn
Molecular Weight: 225.22
Percent Composition: Br 70.96%, Zn 29.04%
Line Formula: ZnBr2
Literature References: Usually contains at least 97% ZnBr2, the remainder being chiefly water.
Properties: Very hygroscopic, granular powder; sharp, metallic taste. d 4.22; mp 394°; bp 697° with partial decompn. One gram dissolves in 0.25 ml water, 0.5 ml 90% alcohol; sol in ether, solns of alkali hydroxides. The aq soln is acid to litmus; pH about 4. Keep tightly closed.
Melting point: mp 394°
Boiling point: bp 697° with partial decompn
Density: d 4.22
Use: Making silver bromide collodion emulsions for photography; in the shielding of viewing windows for nuclear reactions.

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