Zirconium Iodide
Title: Zirconium Iodide
CAS Registry Number: 13986-26-0
CAS Name: Zirconium tetraiodide
Molecular Formula: I4Zr
Molecular Weight: 598.84
Percent Composition: I 84.77%, Zr 15.23%
Line Formula: ZrI4
Literature References: Prepd from the elements at a furnace temp of 450°: Eberly, Inorg. Synth. 7, 52 (1963).
Properties: Orange-colored, crystalline solid. Sublimes at 431°. mp 499° (elevated pressure). Fumes heavily in air. Dissolves in water with the liberation of steam. Heat of formation: 90 kcal/mol at 25°. Magnetic susceptibility -0.238 ´ 10-6 c.g.s. electromagnetic units.
Melting point: mp 499° (elevated pressure)

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