Almond, Sweet
Title: Almond, Sweet
Additional Names: Jordan almond
Literature References: Ripe seed of Prunus amygdalus Stokes var dulcis (D.C.) Baill. (P. communis Arcang. var dulcis (Focke) Schneid.); P. amygdalus var sativa (Focke), Rosaceae. Habit. Italy, Spain and Southern France. Constit. About 50% fixed oil, proteins, emulsin, sugar. Ref: E. W. Eckey, Vegetable Fats and Oils (Reinhold, New York, 1954) p 455; Subrahmanyam, Achaya, J. Sci. Food Agric. 8, 657 (1957).
Use: In perfumery and confectionery; preparing expressed oil of almond, almond milk, almond meal, etc.

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