Antimony Sodium Tartrate
Title: Antimony Sodium Tartrate
CAS Registry Number: 34521-09-0
Additional Names: Antimony sodium oxide L(+)-tartrate; sodium antimonyl tartrate
Trademarks: Stibnal (Banyu)
Molecular Formula: C4H4NaO7Sb
Molecular Weight: 308.82
Percent Composition: C 15.56%, H 1.31%, Na 7.44%, O 36.27%, Sb 39.43%
Line Formula: (SbO)NaC4H4O6
Literature References: Trivalent antimonial. Prepn: Fargher, Gray, J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 18, 341 (1921). Antiparasitic activity in vitro: N. Ercoli et al., Chemotherapy (Basel) 26, 254 (1980).
Properties: Hygroscopic, transparent or whitish scales or powder. Sweetish taste. Sol in 1.5 parts water. Practically insol in 90% alc. Aq solns are slightly acid to litmus. LD i.v. in mice: 25 mg/kg (Fargher, Gray).
Toxicity data: LD i.v. in mice: 25 mg/kg (Fargher, Gray)
Therap-Cat: Anthelmintic (Schistosoma).
Keywords: Anthelmintic (Schistosoma).

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