Cesium Carbonate
Title: Cesium Carbonate
CAS Registry Number: 534-17-8
Molecular Formula: CCs2O3
Molecular Weight: 325.82
Percent Composition: C 3.69%, Cs 81.58%, O 14.73%
Line Formula: Cs2CO3
Literature References: Prepn: Suhrmann, Clusius, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 152, 52 (1926); Thomas, Ann. Chim. 6, 367 (1957); Bernard, Compt. Rend. 243, 1528 (1956).
Properties: Very deliquesc crystals; melts at red heat. Extremely sol in water, alcohol; sol in ether.
Use: Catalyst in ethylene oxide polymerization; in coating for spatter-free welding of steel in CO2; in oxide cathode.

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