Potassium Iodate
Title: Potassium Iodate
CAS Registry Number: 7758-05-6
Molecular Formula: IKO3
Molecular Weight: 214.00
Percent Composition: I 59.30%, K 18.27%, O 22.43%
Line Formula: KIO3
Properties: White, odorless crystals or cryst powder. d 3.89. mp 560° with partial decompn. Slowly sol in 12 parts water, in 3.1 parts boiling water. Insol in alcohol.
Melting point: mp 560° with partial decompn
Density: d 3.89
Use: Oxidizing agent in volumetric chemical analysis; as maturing agent and dough conditioner.
Therap-Cat: Topical antiseptic (mucous membrane).
Therap-Cat-Vet: In feeds as a source of iodine.

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