Alexitol Sodium
Title: Alexitol Sodium
CAS Registry Number: 66813-51-2
Additional Names: Sodium polyhydroxyaluminum monocarbonate hexitol complex; aluminum sodium carbonate hexitol complex
Trademarks: Actal (SKB)
Literature References: Description and antacid properties: J. R. Gwilt et al., J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 10, 770 (1958). Stabilization with a hexitol (sorbitol or mannitol): Alford, US 2999790 (1962 to Sterling Drug). Neutralizing capacity: R. E. Barry, J. Ford, Br. Med. J. 1, 413 (1978).
Properties: Tasteless, odorless powder. Dec without melting when strongly heated. Practically insol in water. Readily sol in dil acids. At normal temps can be stored indefinitely without apparent change in its physical or chemical properties.
Therap-Cat: Antacid.
Keywords: Antacid.
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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