Insulin Detemir
Title: Insulin Detemir
CAS Registry Number: 169148-63-4
CAS Name: 29B-[N6-(1-Oxotetradecyl)-L-lysine](1A-21A),(1B-29B)-insulin (human)
Additional Names: 29B-(N6-myristoyl-L-lysine)-30B-de-L-threonineinsulin (human); LysB29-tetradecanoyl, des(B30)-insulin
Manufacturers' Codes: NN-304
Trademarks: Levemir (Novo)
Molecular Formula: C267H402N64O76S6
Molecular Weight: 5916.82
Percent Composition: C 54.20%, H 6.85%, N 15.15%, O 20.55%, S 3.25%
Literature References: Soluble long-acting basal insulin analog. Prepn: S. Havelund et al., WO 9507931 (1995 to Novo Nordisk); and albumin binding affinity: P. Kurtzhals et al., Biochem. J. 312, 725 (1995). Clinical pharmacokinetics: T. Danne et al., Diabetes Care 26, 3087 (2003). Pharmacodynamic profile: J. Plank et al., ibid. 28, 1107 (2005). Clinical comparison with NPH insulin in type 1 diabetes: P. Home et al., ibid. 27, 1081 (2004). Review of pharmacology and clinical experience: P. Home, P. Kurtzhals, Expert Opin. Pharmacother. 7, 325-343 (2006).
Therap-Cat: Antidiabetic.
Keywords: Antidiabetic; Hormones/Analogs.

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