Molybdenum Trioxide
Title: Molybdenum Trioxide
CAS Registry Number: 1313-27-5
CAS Name: Molybdenum oxide (MoO3)
Additional Names: molybdenum(VI) oxide; molybdic anhydride
Molecular Formula: MoO3
Molecular Weight: 143.94
Percent Composition: Mo 66.65%, O 33.35%
Literature References: Prepn from ammonium molybdate: Schumb, Hartford, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 56, 2613 (1934). Toxicity studies: L. T. Fairhall et al., "The Toxicity of Molybdenum," U.S. Public Health Service Bulletin No. 293, Washington DC (1945) 36 pp.
Properties: White or slightly yellow to slightly bluish powder or granules. d426 4.696. mp 795°. Melts to dark-yellow liquid which solidifies to a yellowish-white cryst mass; sublimes at higher temp. bp 1155°. Sol in water (28°) 0.490 g/liter. Sol in concd mineral acids, in solns of alkali hydroxides, ammonia or potassium bitartrate; after strong ignition it is very slightly sol in acids.
Melting point: mp 795°
Boiling point: bp 1155°
Density: d426 4.696
Use: Chiefly as a reagent for chemical analysis.

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