Sodium Bromate
Title: Sodium Bromate
CAS Registry Number: 7789-38-0
Molecular Formula: BrNaO3
Molecular Weight: 150.89
Percent Composition: Br 52.96%, Na 15.24%, O 31.81%
Line Formula: NaBrO3
Literature References: The article of commerce contains about 99% NaBrO3.
Properties: Colorless, odorless crystals, white granules or cryst powder. d 3.34. mp 381° with dec and liberation of oxygen. Sol in 2.5 parts water, 1.1 parts boiling water. The aq soln is neutral. Keep from contact with organic matter.
Melting point: mp 381° with dec and liberation of oxygen
Density: d 3.34
CAUTION: See Potassium Bromate.
Use: As a mixture with sodium bromide for dissolving gold from its ores.

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