Zinc Peroxide
Title: Zinc Peroxide
CAS Registry Number: 1314-22-3
Additional Names: ZPO; zinc superoxide
Molecular Formula: O2Zn
Molecular Weight: 97.41
Percent Composition: O 32.85%, Zn 67.15%
Line Formula: ZnO2
Literature References: The peroxide of commerce contains 50-60% ZnO2, the remainder is ZnO.
Properties: White to yellowish-white, odorless powder. Dec above 150°. Insol in, but gradually dec by, water. Sol in dil acids, liberating hydrogen peroxide.
Use: Accelerator in rubber compounding; curing agent for synthetic elastomers. Deodorant for wounds and skin diseases.
Therap-Cat: Antiseptic (topical), astringent.
Keywords: Astringent.

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