Title: Acetamiprid
CAS Registry Number: 160430-64-8
CAS Name: (1E)-N-[(6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl]-N¢-cyano-N-methylethanimidamide
Additional Names: N-cyano-N¢-(2-chloro-5-pyridylmethyl)-N¢-methylacetamidine
Manufacturers' Codes: NI-25
Trademarks: Assail (Bayer); Mospilan (Nippon Soda)
Molecular Formula: C10H11ClN4
Molecular Weight: 222.67
Percent Composition: C 53.94%, H 4.98%, Cl 15.92%, N 25.16%
Literature References: Neonicotinoid insecticide for use in food crops. Prepn: K. Ishimitsu et al., WO 9104965; eidem, US 5304566 (1991, 1994 both to Nippon Soda); of tritiated form: B. Latli et al., J. Labelled Compd. Radiopharm. 38, 971 (1996). Physical properties, biological activity and field trials: H. Takahashi et al., Proc. Br. Crop Prot. Conf. - Pests Dis. 1992, 89. HPLC determn in soil: M. Tokieda et al., J. Pestic. Sci. 23, 296 (1998). Stereochemistry and active conformation: A. Nakayama et al., Pestic. Sci. 51, 157 (1997). Efficacy against diamondback moth: H. Takahashi et al., J. Pestic. Sci. 24, 23 (1999); against green peach aphid: eidem, ibid. 270.
Properties: White crystals, mp 101.0-103.3°. Soly in water at 25°: 4200 mg/l. Sol in acetone, methanol, ethanol, dichloromethane, chloroform, acetonitrile, tetrahydrofuran. Vapor pressure at 25°: < 1 ´ 10-8 mmHg. LD50 in male, female rats, male, female mice (mg/kg): 217, 146, 198, 184 orally (Takahashi).
Melting point: mp 101.0-103.3°
Toxicity data: LD50 in male, female rats, male, female mice (mg/kg): 217, 146, 198, 184 orally (Takahashi)
Use: Insecticide.

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