Barium Mercuric Iodide
Title: Barium Mercuric Iodide
CAS Registry Number: 10048-99-4
Additional Names: Barium tetraiodomercurate(II); mercuric barium iodide
Molecular Formula: BaHgI4
Molecular Weight: 845.53
Percent Composition: Ba 16.24%, Hg 23.72%, I 60.04%
Properties: Yellow or reddish, deliquesc crystals; said to become red even when kept in sealed tubes. d 3.5 (conc aq soln). Poison! Very sol in water or alc. Keep well closed!
Density: d 3.5 (conc aq soln)
Use: As an aq soln known as Rohrbach's Soln, for separating minerals of different densities; also for microchemical detection of alkaloids.

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