Stannic Chloride
Title: Stannic Chloride
CAS Registry Number: 7646-78-8
Additional Names: Tin tetrachloride; fuming spirit of Libavius
Molecular Formula: Cl4Sn
Molecular Weight: 260.52
Percent Composition: Cl 54.43%, Sn 45.57%
Line Formula: SnCl4
Literature References: Improperly called "tin bichloride".
Properties: Fuming, caustic liquid. d 2.26; mp -33°; bp 114°. Sol in water and evolution of much heat; sol in alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, toluene, acetone, kerosene, gasoline. Keep tightly closed.
Melting point: mp -33°
Boiling point: bp 114°
Density: d 2.26
Derivative Type: Pentahydrate
Properties: White or slightly yellow crystals or fused small lumps; slight HCl odor. Very sol in H2O; sol in alc.
CAUTION: May be highly irritating to eyes, mucous membranes.
Use: As mordant; reviving colors; stabilizer for colors and perfumes in soap; in dyeing of fabrics, weighting silk, tinning vessels; dehydrating agent in organic syntheses; in ceramics to produce abrasion-resistant or light-reflecting coatings.

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